Maximum uptime for Schweppes Suntory thanks to Sidel

The challenge

Schweppes Suntory was founded in 2015. The beverage manufacturer, based in Seville, Spain, specialises in the production of non-alcoholic drinks in the juices, soft drinks, nectars, isotonics and teas (JSDNIT) category. With Schweppes Suntory’s annual production time covering 4,500 hours and Sidel providing lists of spare parts that needed to be changed every 3,000 hours, the main challenge was determining how often to replace equipment parts. As with any maintenance programme, the aim is to find the optimum time to do so. The overall objective was to achieve better predictability and control of costs, while ensuring a proactive support from Sidel via a dedicated, single service contact.

The solution

The Time & Material contract ensures that a range of pre-determined related site activities are undertaken by Sidel experts on the Schweppes Suntory equipment (‘Time’) and a list of agreed-upon spare parts is provided after every 3,000 hours of production (‘Material’). This allows the company to accurately schedule and execute its preventive maintenance according to a predefined operational period and the scope of supply. In this way, the value of the equipment is maintained throughout its lifecycle, downtime is minimised and the organisation gains full control of maintenance costs over time. All maintenance work is undertaken on-site by a skilled Sidel team under the guidance of a Sidel supervisor, who manages all activities. The agreement with Sidel also covers the provision of 24/7 hotline assistance, as well as 24/7 on-time, in-full, worldwide delivery of spare parts – designed, tested and certified by Sidel experts – for both scheduled and emergency maintenance, ensuring maximum production uptime. 

The outcome

The first maintenance intervention carried out on the Sidel solutions under this new contract with Schweppes Suntory was a 24,000-hours service, a very complex operation in which a large number of parts needed to be exchanged. Additional services such as diagnostic and technical visits, on-the-job training, emergency troubleshooting, and remote access including a data box and EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool), are available on demand for those customers who activate Time & Materials maintenance contracts with Sidel.

"“Here in Seville, we are already seeing the value of Sidel’s Time & Material maintenance contract, but we are also benefitting greatly from the exchange of knowledge and active coaching around our specific production set-up and maintenance needs. We are very happy with the competence and the support provided by the Sidel team.”"

Valentin Rodriguez

Schweppes Suntory Plant Manager

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