Sangaria tackles green tea and sparkling water boom with Sidel

The challenge

Leading Japanese beverage player Sangaria was using hot-fill technologies to manufacture its sensitive beverages such as green teas and juices. When the company decided to increase sales with milk-based products, moving to aseptic PET production was a better choice. For this strategic step, Sangaria turned to Sidel. 

The solution

Sangaria was the first bottling company in Japan to acquire the Aseptic Combi Predis, Sidel’s integrated aseptic blow-fill-seal solution including dry preform sterilisation. With the Sidel Versatile Aseptic Combi Predis, it enlarged its capability to produce still beverages and Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) aseptically in PET bottles on the same line. In addition, Sidel also partnered with Sangaria to design the PET bottles for its new products.

The outcome

Sangaria now can produce various milk-based products and barley green tea – previously bottled on hot-filling lines – as well as healthy sparkling water in 500ml and 1l containers. Producing still beverages and CSDs on the same line allows increased production flexibility, with the same filling magnetic valve aseptically handling all sensitive low and high acid products with no need for valve changeovers, while ensuring reliability and product integrity. With the new filling line, Sangaria is running the production of 500ml bottles at 24,000 bottles per hour (bph). The production flexibility is also enhanced with the Bottle Switch™ toolless mould changeover, which enables very fast interventions. Thanks to the dry preform sterilisation solution Sangaria could also lightweight some of its bottles by up to 30%, as this system does not require any thermal treatment of the blown bottle.

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