Lesieur installs three Sidel and Serac Combis

The challenge

Founded in 1908, and now part of the Avril Group, Lesieur produces and sells a wide range of vegetable oils, sauces and condiments. Bottling up to 170 million litres of edible oil per year, the historic Lesieur site of Coudekerque wanted to improve bottle quality and reduce scheduling constraints, caused by separate blowing and bottling centres. In addition, the production capacity was organised around seven bottling lines that included several small, low-speed lines.

The solution

The transformation was structured around the installation of three Sidel Serac Combis with blowing, filling and capping functions, which can produce formats from 0.5L up to 3L at speeds ranging from 15,000 bottles per hour (bph) all the way up to 30,000 bph. As a leading PET solution provider, Sidel has also contributed significantly to Lesieur’s sustainability vision.

The outcome

Bottle integrity, quality and ergonomics have been improved thanks to the new Combi technologies. The reduced floor space required for Sidel’s equipment has also allowed Lesieur to remove conveyors and walkways, which makes operators’ daily work easier. Format changeovers as well as mould changeovers are shorter and easier which lowers production downtime. Sidel has contributed to Lesieur’s sustainability vision, too, by reducing the weight of its preforms. This enables the company to produce bottles between 16-18 grams with up to 100% rPET. Thanks to an optimised oven and lamps, the overall electrical consumption of the blower has also been lowered and blowing pressures have been greatly reduced with a consequent decrease in energy consumption for the entire compressor fleet. 

"“We decided to invest in an on-line blowing solution. Now, we have only five production lines, but we are able to increase our general production capacity thanks to Sidel’s high-speed solutions. There has been a very positive impact on production costs as well.”"

Francis Arulraj

Project Manager at Lesieur

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