Caribbean Bottling Company chooses Sidel

The challenge

Caribbean Bottling Company (CBC) SA is the benchmark for quality water and juices, with more than 400 employees in Haiti and a large distribution network. The company is the local partner of choice for bottling Culligan water, which is subject to rigorous testing for hygiene and quality to meet the most stringent legal requirements, including those of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). By partnering with Sidel, CBC was looking both for the flexibility to tackle future production requirements and the possibility of developing an optimised packaging solution, while saving on raw material and equipment footprint.

The solution

CBC decided to install a new PET complete line to process Frooty juice drink and Brizz iced tea in a 20oz format. The line features a Sidel Matrix™ Combi – able to deliver 30% less maintenance downtime and up to 12% reduction in total cost of operation – complemented by a Sidel RollQUATTRO Evo labeller plus an end-of-line solution, including shrink-wrapping and palletising systems. The Combi installed at the facility also features a Sidel’s BlendFILL system. The entire line’s efficiency is tracked and optimised with Sidel’s EIT® (Efficiency Improvement Tool) system. 

The outcome

The new PET complete line also had to handle new lightweighted bottles in various formats while optimising energy consumption. By combining mixer and filler in a single system, it allows for top quality drinks while reducing floor space and the company’s environmental footprint. The EIT system helps enhance productivity by giving real-time access to relevant and actionable information on performance, quality, efficiency, losses, and other production-related possible failures. By partnering with the customer’s marketing team and embedding their understanding of the local market, Sidel packaging experts re-designed the existing CBC bottle’s look and feel, strengthening the competitiveness and productivity of the Haitian bottler without jeopardising the high quality of the product. Most importantly, they did that while achieving a distinct container shape and great savings on PET material: a real win-win for Caribbean Bottling Company.

"“Delivering a safe and high-quality product, whilst enabling consumer- and price-friendly packaging, can easily present a challenge. This is why we decided to renew our trust in Sidel and their longstanding expertise in PET packaging design and equipment. The support we received from Sidel proved instrumental to cater to the specific conditions experienced by our bottles throughout the value chain from production to distribution. Thanks to this partnership, CBC shifted from ‘just making a bottle’ to ‘efficiently and effectively making a bottle.”"

Gaetan Barrau


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