With Sidel, you can benefit from our decades of experience with PET and blowing to get tailored solution that cater precisely to your needs.

Coating barrier


Sidel is able to fill your liquid products with the utmost precision and efficiency while handling the products smoothly and gently.


By eliminating conveying, empty bottle handling, accumulation and storage, Combis optimise line layout with a smaller footprint, improving production hygiene and efficiency while lowering operating costs.


Whether you want to apply roll-fed labels, sleeves, pressure sensitive or pre-cut labels, all Sidel labelling solutions allow you to create attractive, eye-catching labels for increased brand recognition.

Super Combi

Sidel Super Combi integrates five process steps – preform feeding, blowing, labelling, filling and cap feeding – into a single system, utilising integrated equipment intelligence to provide continuous production optimisation and performance enhancement.