StarLITE®R for CSD

Sidel’s signature StarLITE® family is expanding to meet the challenges of recycled PET. StarLITE®R for Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) is a 100% recycled PET bottle that combines material circularity with ultimate packaging quality. 

The variability of recycled PET (rPET) resin has become a major challenge for the packaging industry. But thanks to our longstanding experience and expertise in rPET, we have developed a solution that meets both resin variability and CSD bottle requirements. StarLITE®R for CSD is an important breakthrough that offers greater protection against deformation, increased resistance to bursting and optimum stability, thereby ensuring a transition to rPET bottles with no fear.

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Improved process technology and mould base design

To achieve a high performance process and rPET bottle base, StarLITE®R offers key features, such as:

  • a new mould base profile that secures perfect material distribution through advanced stretching and high base clearance for optimum stability.
  • an advanced stretch rod end design to improve preform end-cap material stretching and ensure accurate injection gate centering on the bottle.
  • a perfect combination of grooves and venting holes for high-precision base feet formation

Ultra-efficient bottle base cooling

StarLITE®R for CSD also utilises dual external and internal bottle base cooling to ensure a perfect shape:

  • Externally, the process uses a mould base cooling circuit that focuses on the warmer bottle base zones
  • Internally, a hollow-stretch rod is used that requires no additional air supply. 

Seamless production transition

This dedicated rPET solution is:

  • quick and easy to install
  • ideal for new or existing EvoBLOW, Universal and Series 2 blowers
  • suitable for high-speed production
  • can be adapted to fit current bottle designs 
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