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With 50 years of experience in secondary packaging optimization and mechanization for the Food, Home and Personal care markets, Sidel can help reduce your annual corrugated consumption to drive down costs and reach sustainability goals.

Sidel’s strengths:

Design design: vast experience in providing competitive and ergonomic secondary packaging solutions with:

  • Secondary packaging design & consulting
  • Conversion to Wrap Around methodology, allowing surface and weight reductions without affecting the supply chain
  • Shelf Ready Packaging or Retail Ready Packaging (SRP/RRP) concepts, with a huge number of primary and secondary packaging combinations delivered on the market
  • Easy-opening functionalities guaranteeing rapid product access

Portfolio: broadest range on the market case packing solutions including:

  • Traditional or robotic, bottom, side or Pick & Place/top loading options and RSC/Tray/Wrap Around packing alternatives​
  • Equipment and technology addressing any case packing need for any secondary and tertiary packaging, regardless of the type of packaging and speed level

Sustainability: combining packaging design and technology to further become eco-friendly using:

  • Light-weighted customized gripping toolings to reduce equipment air and electricity consumption
  • Recovery of the energy generated by motors in braking phases

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