Having trouble?

Having trouble converting shaped containers to PET?

Brand owners are currently looking to reduce packaging costs to improve competitiveness and reach sustainability goals.

With 50 years of experience in blowing for the Food, Home and Personal care markets, Sidel can help you design and produce your practical, effective, iconic-shaped PET containers.

Sidel’s strengths:

Packaging design: all-round skills to meet each and every one of your bottle needs including:

  • Extensive packaging design capacities ensuring balanced design/weight/TCO solutions
  • One stop-shop for end-to-end PET qualification, from the original design and concept to prototyping and simulation tests

Portfolio: world-leading PET blow molding expertise including:

  • EvoBLOW PH blowing range, to optimize overall TCO by reducing changeover and maintenance times as well as cutting electricity and air consumptions ‚Äč
  • Preferential Heating technology for asymmetrical, flat or shaped PET containers, delivering optimum PET material distribution throughout the bottle

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