Drinktec 2022

A look back at drinktec

As drinktec has just ended, it’s time to thank all the visitors who came and visited us and give everyone a wrap-up of the innovations Sidel showcased at the event.
As a leading global player of packaging solutions for beverages in PET, can, glass and other materials, Sidel has defined its ambition to Shape your future, now. This invitation embraces our advanced systems and services, line engineering and digital and eco-solutions that will drive the future of the beverage and liquid food industry in the years to come.

4 enablers for a bright future
At drinktec, Sidel displayed its top-level innovations in digital technologies, aseptic production, sustainable packaging and holistic turnkey solutions that will help you shape tomorrow’s packaging lines.

Turning data into smart decisions

Sidel has combined over 50 years’ experience of complete packaging line solutions and 25+ years of equipment connectivity expertise with powerful cloud computing and data analytic technologies to produce its smart, new Evo-ON® software suite.

With its comprehensive and flexible scope, this unique enabler addresses every critical aspect of packaging lines, from efficiency and maintenance to utility consumption, product quality and changeovers. This complete approach unlocks line potential and drives successful decision-making by providing smart, actionable production data.

So, now and in the future, customers’ production performance can reach its highest possible level without compromising operational costs, product quality or environmental impact.

The sustainable packaging transformation

Sidel provides sustainable packaging for the beverage and dairy industry, as well as for food, home and personal care. The Group continuously develops innovative eco-friendly packaging designs, as shown through 1SKIN, its premium and affordable PET bottle for sensitive beverages.

Sidel’s 360° sustainable expertise ensures that all requirements are met from 100% recycled PET (rPET) and lightweighted primary packaging with tethered caps to optimized secondary and tertiary packaging alternatives. Thanks to its vast expertise covering the entire supply chain, Sidel has developed dedicated secondary packaging solutions (with shrink and stretch films and paper) and a highly advanced “End to End” concept (AYA).

This packaging approach allows raw materials, pollution and waste to be radically reduced at source. The result is an overall cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution that is tailor-made to match circular economy requirements, while improving environmental impact and industrial production efficiency.

Aseptic has never been so easy

With over 300 aseptic references worldwide, Sidel’s leading role in sensitive beverages and liquid dairy production technology continues to grow. Its complete aseptic PET packaging solutions include PET primary packaging design, processing and filling technology, labelling, secondary and tertiary packaging too. And with its latest innovation, the “Aseptic Predis X4”, Sidel has unveiled a significant step forward in the Aseptic world. So, stay tuned for more updates!

In early 2000, Sidel’s reputation was reinforced by the launch of its unique Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis™ blow fill seal filler. This proven and patented aseptic filling solution relies on unique dry preform sterilisation technology. It ensures product integrity and safety, optimised efficiency and flexibility, sustainable and cost-efficient production with long-term line performance. Predis technology has now decontaminated over 60 billion bottles, while saving over 10 billion litres of water and 60,000 tons of PET. In 2017, it was approved by the FDA for low acid products sold in the US – an industry first.

A complete line is a complete solution

Sidel is a global and expert turnkey line supplier with in-house centers of excellence and over 45 years’ experience in complete lines. The Group delivers solutions for every part of the line and more, from packaging to continuous line performance while optimising costs today and tomorrow. With our innovative mindset, total dedication to food safety and acute awareness of your sustainable production challenges, we bring you future-proof technology, today. We listen and provide you with solutions for any need, beverage or container, whether it is PET, Can or Glass. That’s how we work at Sidel!

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