Sidel Matrix Predis

Predis™ is a unique, proven, dry-preform decontamination solution built on a long history with, sensitive products, impressive aseptic expertise and innovative PET technology that unmatched in the liquid-packaging industry.

The preform is decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) before being heated in the oven, which activates the H2O2 from the existing preform-heating stage and achieves a high level of decontamination. This results in a reduced risk of peroxide residue remaining within the preform. The same dry decontamination technology is applied for caps with Capdis™. 

Predis is supplied mainly in Combi configuration including preform decontamination, blowing, filling and capping. This technology is used by many major beverage and dairy companies and Sidel Combi Predis™ FMa is the beverage industry standard for aseptically producing PET packaging for teas, juices, nectars, isotonics and liquid dairy products (such as UHT milk or soy milk). 

Predis is now available in a configuration that is compatible with the latest generation of Sidel Matrix™ equipment. With all the innovations of the Sidel Matrix blower generation, plus the continuous technical improvements of our dry preform decontamination solution in recent years, the new Sidel Matrix Combi Predis FMa offers the beverage industry:

  • Now accounting for more than 100 references worldwide
  • The best total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising on simplicity or on food safety
  • A completely aseptic filling environment with a continuous production run of 165 hours between two cleaning and sterilising cycles
  • The fastest aseptic solution with dry preform decontamination on the market


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