Product protection

The aseptic market has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 50 years. From complex systems requiring complete clean rooms to those equipped with comprehensive micro-biological isolators, we have witnessed the evolution firsthand, when we proudly introduced Sidel Predis™ - a revolutionary system that sets a new standard in aseptic technology.
What sets Sidel Predis apart is its unique design, where the sterile zone is solely focused on the preform and the area surrounding the bottle. Our solution stands alone in its ability to provide a controlled environment that ensures the utmost product integrity.

The key to our system's success lies in our innovative air management approach. Utilizing unidirectional laminar flows, we meticulously guide the air along the entire path of the bottles, guaranteeing complete control over the neck and body zones. The sterile air is then collected and exhausted at a single central point, ensuring that it never comes into contact with the bottle again. This precise process is a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of sterility.

We understand the importance of sampling activities without compromising sterility. That's why we have developed the "smartbox" - a controlled environment within the filler sterile zone. This unique feature allows you to conduct sampling activities on the product without breaking the system sterility. That's also why, with Sidel Predis, you can continuously produce for up to 240 hours, ensuring both efficiency and safety.
But our dedication to product integrity doesn't stop here. Our system incorporates an effective cleaning and sterilization cycle that completes the loop. Through a combination of mechanical, chemical, and thermal effects, we ensure that your product remains safe, and you will be ready for the next production batch in just 90 minutes.

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