Sidel’s complete water bottling line for Mont Roucous

The challenge

Located in the heart of the Lacaune Mountains in France, Mont Roucous has positioned its water as ideal for mothers and babies and has long been recommended by maternity clinics. Sidel has had a long-standing relationship with Mont Roucous since the late 90s during the passage from PVC to PET bottles. Over the years, Mont Roucous has switched from the production of 1.5 L PET bottles in favour of the 1 L format due to parents’ needs for greater practicality. The company required a new bottling line as part of its major project to increase production capacity and looked to a partner that could handle the entirety of the project.

The solution

Sidel supported Mont Roucous in switching its bottle production from 1.5 L to 1 L with a complete water bottling line for PET bottles. The bottling line included the latest generation of Sidel equipment, from the Combi EvoBLOW SF100FM to the EvoFlex palletizer, as well as the EvoDECO Roll-Fed labeler and the EvoFilm film wrapper. The installation of equipment ensured fast changeovers, easy operation and maximum flexibility and performance. The line was also equipped with digital solutions such as an EIT® (Efficiency Improvement Tool) to measure and gather line performance data and set up continuous improvement actions.

The outcome

The collaboration between Sidel and Mont Roucous has been efficient in supporting an increase in the production of 1 L PET bottles. The new complete bottling line has an output rate of 40,000 bottles per hour and has helped achieve a milestone of producing 140 million bottles in less than a year.

"“In light of the expertise needed to complete such a project in a relatively short time, we went with Sidel’s skills and expertise, so that we would have a single point of contact that could manage the project from A to Z. And Sidel did not let us down.”"

Denis Bernard

Managing Director – Partner, Mont Roucous

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