Sidel’s maintenance services improve Master Kong’s efficiency

The challenge

Master Kong is part of Ting Hsin International Group. The company is particularly active in the non-alcoholic beverage segment, being one of the top three players in China and leading the RTD tea segment in the country with a 45% market share. After several years of operating its aseptic PET packaging lines, this  leading Chinese RTD tea producer was considering using maintenance services instead of buying spare parts only when needed, which was generating unplanned downtime and costs.

The solution

To define the most appropriate maintenance service solution for the customer, Sidel experts compared Master Kong’s yearly average spend on maintenance and spare parts with the traditional expenses associated with the effective operation of aseptic lines. The maintenance service contract fundamentally ensures better cost control, providing a clearer view of maintenance expenses, with specified fixed costs based on the number of running hours. Additionally, having tailored spare part orders as stipulated in the contract helps to optimise cash flow by reducing inventory costs for spare parts. 

The outcome

Sidel has ensured the proper scheduling and execution of Master Kong’s preventive and corrective maintenance. Its analysis and reports have enabled its customer to accurately monitor the lines and maximise uptime. The aseptic validation process, included in the contract and carried out immediately after the maintenance, secured the product safety levels that Master Kong was aiming for. The maintenance process partnership is organised via quarterly and monthly on-site meetings as well as regular follow-ups. Sidel also provided on-site technical coaching to optimise operations, and its local technicians were able to continuously train Master Kong employees on site to optimise machine operations. Sidel’s proactive maintenance and on-site support have contributed to Master Kong’s business during the peak season by better controlling maintenance costs while improving line efficiency by 6%. 

"“We have trusted in Sidel’s professional expertise since the beginning of our cooperation. They have been a reliable partner, convincingly demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of aseptic PET packaging. Not least, it remains important to us to have them as our OEM, providing us with consistent equipment and services as well as advice on demand. The service contract definitely answers all our needs.”"

Wang Wei

Head of Product Planning Supply Chain Management , Operation Department, Master Kong

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