Record-breaking complete PET water lines for HWB

The challenge

Bottled water is a growing market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and HWB leads the way with Nova water. To meet the market’s demand, the company needed to install two complete PET production lines running at a significantly and unprecedented high speed – fuelled by Nova water’s positive local market trajectory. Sidel needed to be able to provide the best solution in terms of performance, flexibility, cost savings and sustainability, allattained under the most stringent hygiene conditions. 

The solution

The new lines were designed comprising a total of four Sidel Matrix Combis, six Sidel labellers, two wraparounds and two Sidel palletisers, with the design allowing the two lines to utilise the same end-of-line solution.The four Sidel Matrix Combis deliver outstanding hygiene performance while simultaneously cutting the costs of packaging still water and carbonated beverages. Compared to standalone equipment, the Sidel Matrix Combi reduces operating costs by up to 12%, depending on the product being packaged, the package itself, and the production output. Furthermore, it uses up to 30% less floor space, compared with traditional standalone equipment. The new container design features the Sidel StarLite bottle base, which utilises a unique shape that significantly increases base resistance and stability. The result is a PET bottle that can cost less to produce, yet offers better pallet stability and higher bottle integrity throughout the supply chain without compromising on the safety standards of the beverage. 

The outcome

Sidel’s approach has allowed HWB to gain a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO), further enhanced by a drastically reduced footprint. As well as achieving the record-breaking speeds requested, both lines also had to fit into a zone of the production floor formerly occupied by a single line. Sidel’s team came up with a solution that maximised the available space by including a mezzanine floor to house part of each line on the upper floor. The original line still runs at a speed of 134,000 bottles per hour (bph), whereas the two new Sidel complete PET water lines are both running even faster – at the new, record-breaking output rate of 150,000 BPH each, making a total installed output of 300,000 bph.

""Success in water beverage production requires a focus on maximum output and efficiency, with a commitment to hygiene, food safety and cost optimisation. With everything centred on Sidel as a single supplier, we continue to leverage the company’s knowledge of the entire water bottling process. Through this additional investment in our high-speed lines we are looking to develop a Centre of Excellence for bottled water in the KSA.”"

Vincent Le Guen

Vice President, Packaging & Tooling

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