Hainan Chunguang installs Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis to expand into the beverage market

The challenge

Leading Chinese food brand, Hainan Chunguang, is renowned for its manufacturing and exportation of coconut snacks. Situated on Hainan Island, also known as Oriental Hawaii where coconuts are grown naturally and sourced as a raw material, the Hainan Chunguang site is close to the region’s popular tourist spots which has strengthened its reputation as a coconut snack food provider. In 2022, Hainan Chunguang launched a brand-new range of coconut milk to the market taking its first step into the beverage industry.  As this was the first time that Hainan Chunguang had expanded to the market of sensitive beverages, it turned to Sidel for a reliable and innovative aseptic solution.

The solution

Sidel’s established expertise in aseptic packaging and complete service provision across complete lines were utilised by Hainan Chunguang to produce its new coconut milk. The Aseptic Combi Predis line is the market’s simplest and fastest aseptic solution which ensures the lowest total cost of ownership without compromising delicate plant-based ingredients, like coconut water, and food safety.

The outcome

Bottled in Sidel’s premium PET design in a 350ml format, Hainan Chunguang’s new installation can run 28,000 bottles per hour (bph) and adds to the 100+ aseptic line installations previously placed across Greater China. With over 50 years of experience in aseptic packaging, Sidel provided 360-degree assistance from the production of the product to the end-line, fully supporting Hainan Chunguang across machine installation and project delivery. As a result, Hainan Chunguang was able to transition into the beverage market seamlessly while also creating a successful product.

"As this was the first time that Hainan Chunguang had expanded to the market of sensitive beverages, expertise and proven results played significant roles in identifying a partner to engage with for the installation of this solution. Sidel’s reputation of aseptic packaging across Greater China is strong and their unique innovation is unrivalled. We have been highly satisfied with the support from Sidel, from the initial engagement to after-sales service."

Ms. Xin Yan

Board member of Hainan Chunguang Food Co. Ltd.

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