Coca-Cola Europacific Partners transition to tethered caps with support from Sidel

The challenge

Sidel and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) have a long-standing partnership, working together for over 30 years on various projects related to equipment, packaging development, and support services. CCEP faced technical challenges in introducing attached caps and implementing a lighter neck, which required selecting the right preforms, caps, and equipment configurations to switch all existing PET packaging lines in Europe. To tackle these challenges, CCEP turned to Sidel for support with its conversion project and to achieve its key goal of implementing a new 1g lighter neck and tethered cap.

The solution

Anticipation and planning were crucial for the success of this massive conversion project. Pilot tests were conducted on a converted Sidel line in Barcelona to evaluate the new tethered capping and lighter neck GME30.40. These tests allowed for close collaboration between Sidel and CCEP to assess specifications, equipment efficiency, quality requirements, and consumer acceptance. Sidel also integrated line conversion and overhaul, while CCEP ensured maintenance for optimal product execution and top-line performance. After successful pilot tests, Sidel converted CCEP's Sidel lines in factories across Europe, adapting equipment and configurations to accommodate tethered caps and new necks, with each factory requiring specific adjustments based on Sidel's thorough study of their unique machine configurations.

The outcome

Sidel has successfully converted one third of CCEP’s European PET bottling lines for CSDs, with the final line conversion scheduled to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2024. The combined project management between CCEP and Sidel was key to the success of the project and CCEP released the first sellable bottles in Great Britain on schedule in May 2022. CCEP was one of the early adopters in the CSD market to transition to tethered caps, converting numerous lines across the EU. The initial conversion took place in April 2022 in East Kilbride, Scotland, for the production of CCEP's 1.5L bottle, followed by the completion of a second single-serve line by the end of 2022.

"The majority of converted lines achieved line efficiency objective. We are fully satisfied with the preparation, including line status assessment, the pilot line tests and the great collaboration in working together to make this project successful"

Geert Marse

Technical Packaging Lead at CCEP

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