Indonesia’s leading brewery trusts Sidel’s complete can line

The challenge

As the country’s leading independent brewery, Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia has been developing and distributing a distinctive range of beer brands for the national and international markets since 1975. To keep up with a growing demand, Bali Hai decided to invest in a new large-scale project, but the floor space available was limited, so the company needed a compact solution that would not compromise on efficiency or flexibility.

The solution

Sidel stepped in with its line design knowhow, engineering expertise, and long-standing experience in providing complete solutions for beer. Bali Hai was offered a layout and equipment choice that met its need for secure quality, while also offering additional futureproof capacities and solutions. The resulting complete canning line includes 13 different machines, laid out in six larger production modules, including: a depalletizer, filler and seamer, a pasteuriser, dryers, shrink-wrapper, tray shrink-wrapper and conveyor systems. Bali Hai’s goal of protecting its superior beer quality was mainly achieved through the integration of two specific in-line solutions: the latest Sidel volumetric electronic filler for cans and the proven PAMA pasteuriser.

The outcome

To ensure complete control of the Pasteurisation Unit (PU), Sidel’s unique PRINCE Plus software was installed on the PAMA pasteuriser and specifically tailored around Bali Hai’s requirements. Blegog Sugiono, Packaging Manager at Bali Hai, commented: “We decided to install this system to achieve a constant quality level and consistent taste across our beers. More specifically, we have been able to further cool down the can temperature at the outfeed of the pasteuriser, thereby eliminating the risk of unstable quality we have experienced in the past. With this latest Sidel technology, we can now adjust and control the PU to achieve fully controlled flavour.” By maximising the size of the pasteuriser, Bali Hai is also ready to meet potential production increases in the future. 

"“By operating Sidel solutions at our brewery, we expect to fulfil market demands while providing excellent quality products. We are very satisfied with the performance of the recently installed complete line. Overall, we believe the best beer is produced by the most qualified people and packaged with the best machinery – and for that Sidel is the solution.”"

Daniel To

Technical Director at Bali Hai

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