Meet Super Combi Compact: more performance, less space!

Two years after the introduction of the Super Combi to the industry for compact lines’ solutions, today, Sidel presents a bolder, next-generation solution Super Combi Compact that, as indicated in its name, is even more compact. Allowing up to 30% footprint reduction compared to the previous model, the solution also excites with the efficiency enhancement it assures for still water production thanks to the new filling technology embedded in the Sidel EvoFILL HS Still that guarantees a 30% faster performance.

Considering that customers worldwide are seeking for possibilities to optimise resources and space required for production, Sidel has developed a ready-made solution to fit any production site as footprint as well as line integration and planning are important drivers at the very centre of Sidel’s technological advancement. With Super Combi Compact Sidel presents an innovative product designed and engineered to deliver the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) and production costs per square foot.

Its new, compact design and innovative filling technology makes it an ideal solution for maximising production and increasing line efficiency at the best TCO per square foot – allowing producers to make the most of their existing space or new greenfield projects.

Stefano Baini
Product Manager Filling and Super Combi at Sidel

Growing demand for packaged water

“We see that the water category has been seeing an unprecedented growth fuelled by a worldwide increase in demand. Due to consumers’ rising health consciousness paired with the trend towards so called “better-for-you drinks”, the packaged water category has remained at the forefront of consumer purchasing decisions since 2018,” explains Stefano Baini, Product Manager Filling and Super Combi at Sidel, identifying why the company has invested in the development of a compact line solution for still water production. This green trajectory throughout the water category was globally influenced by a large hike in tourism along with extremely warm weathers not only in warm climate countries, but in parts of Western Europe too.[1]

Enhanced performance and utmost productivity

Similarly to its predecessor, Super Combi Compact is integrating five process steps – preform feeder, blower, labeller, filler/capper and cap feeder – into an all-in-one, smart system. What describes the new solution the best is the continuous top-level performance it provides up to 54,000 bottles per hour (bph) in a reduced space. Furthermore, its ergonomics and the latest technologies support easy access, operation and maintenance while ensuring high end-product quality. 

The overall higher level of efficiency of the solution is achieved by providing maximum uptime and consistent production output at medium to high speed. Maximum productivity of the line is reached particularly due to improvements at the blowing, filling and labelling stages. To highlight some of the most important improvements, the blower can produce up to 2,700 bph per mould. Furthermore, a robotic arm solution for automatic mould changeover is now available to drastically reduce change-over time and improve safety conditions by not requiring any human intervention. Labelling is assured by a single-aggregate labelling system, ensuring reliable production as well as fast and easy label-reel auto splicing. What’s more, Super Combi Compact’s labeller technology features faster changeovers and easy replacement of parts as well as an automatic label vacuum extractor for maximised uptime. In addition, the labeller can accommodate different labels and technologies (Roll-fed, PSL). 

The star of the solution – Sidel EvoFILL HS Still filling technology 

Sidel EvoFILL HS Still without a doubt is the most impressive part of the new Super Combi Compact. This new filler with proportional filling valves, controlled by electro-magnetic actuators, guarantees a 30% faster filling with total control and accuracy when it comes to dosing the liquid into its designated container. The improved and completely dynamic filling technology allows for highest precision in modulating the beverage flow, as the plunger inside the filling valve can individually be moved to an infinite number of positions, resulting in maximum freedom in terms of different beverage types to be filled, and different optimum filling speeds and levels. Furthermore, the new hygienic valve design with no beverage membrane assures beverage quality with no flavour carry-over. 

EvoFILL HS Still is a simplified solution characterised by fewer components and functions, resulting in less maintenance costs, and a highly reduced filler footprint with less filling valves. Additionally, the filler features an onboard beverage tank further contributing to minimise the required floor space. It might also be equipped with an Integrated Cleaning System (ICS), cutting down on water and chemical consumption for internal cleaning as well as – again – on floor space by rendering the need for an external Cleaning in Place system and additional tanks unnecessary. 

In total, with saving up to 30% of precious floor space while, at the same time, boosting production efficiency by another 30%, and delivering maximum speeds of up to 54,000 bph, the new Super Combi Compact is a perfect fit for producers of PET bottled water. Stefano Baini concludes: “Its new, compact design and innovative filling technology makes it an ideal solution for maximising production and increasing line efficiency at the best TCO per square foot – allowing producers to make the most of their existing space or new greenfield projects."


[1] Global Data (2020), Global packaged water 2019, Key insights and drivers behind the packaged water market performance

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