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A big first in the packaging world: GEPPIA has overseen the publication of a collaborative white book involving the major players in the profession, including Gebo Cermex. Available in French and in English, “Packaging trends: the future of manufacturing ” cross-references the visions of experts, industrialists and retailers, planning ahead for packaging needs of the future in terms of use, industrialisation and preparation, from one end of the packaging line to the other.


“Packaging trends: the future of manufacturing” is available in e-book version and livre de poche format.


Resourceful and eye-opening

"What are the future packaging trends? International experts and industry players investigate the issues and challenges that lie ahead. Find out what their take is on the global perspectives. This publication can help you make the right moves when planning for future packaging and processing solutions. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together”
Jean-Marc Doré - GEPPIA President


A project featured in the international trade press

Henri Saporta
Editor-in-Chief of Emballages Magazine
Introduction of the 4 chapters and conclusion


Pat Reynolds
VP/Editorial of Packaging World
The vision of an American journalist on global packaging trends


Wong Tsz Hin
Editor of Asia Pacific Food Industry
The packaging market in Asia, global #1 in terms of growth


Experts, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) producers and distributors put the future under the microscope

Some of the active contributors involved in issues such as environment, consumer trends, economics, distribution and innovation:


Arnaud Rolland
Sustainable Development at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Vincent Ferry
Packaging Manager at Danone Research

Bruno Guillemat
Head of Packaging at Pernod Ricard

Bruno Garnier
Quality packaging and sustainable
development expert at Carrefour

Richard Mallett
Managing Director of HACCP Europe

Éric Drapé
Executive Vice President
Technical Operations at Ipsen

Pierre Etienne Hannecart
Head of Consumer Centric Packaging at Nestlé

View all contribution here


A commitment that makes sense for Gebo Cermex

As a global leader in packaging line engineering, Gebo Cermex is first in line when it comes to anticipating challenges and optimising solutions. We have been heavily involved in the editorial debate and choice of themes. Nathalie Pereira, strategic marketing director at Gebo Cermex, authored one of the book’s articles: “Ergonomics, a priority for our customers”.


Gebo Cermex and GEPPIA

GEPPIA (Groupement des Équipementiers du Process et du Packaging) brings together over 80 specialised manufacturers involved in process and packaging. This collaborative white book illustrates its members’ determination to work together on joint projects to better meet the needs of international markets, supply chain and distribution channels of the future.


Gebo Cermex has been an active member of GEPPIA since 2005.



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The book is also available to the general public in paper format on the Amazon website:

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