Sidel Services™ has opened a new and advanced training centre in Guadalajara, Mexico, featuring the very latest training technologies, with a virtual factory environment, augmented reality and authentic parts that trainees can handle themselves.


Sidel Guadalajara Training Centre traineeStaffed by professional training instructors with years of beverage industry experience, who use a mix of engaging methods to educate trainees, the new centre has already welcomed representatives from beverage producers across Latin America.


The new facility in Mexico's second-largest city brings the current number of Sidel worldwide training centres to seven.  It also further demonstrates the company's focus on transferring its global knowledge to producers at a local level, which it has been doing for over 40 years with its training services, now part of the company's newly created Sidel Services department.  Globally Sidel trains over 5,000 people every year, with a 96% customer satisfaction score.


Developed for local customer needs

Understanding the specific needs of beverage producers in a given region is an important part of identifying the training required. Before the Sidel centre was established - the first in Latin America - Sidel undertook market research and received feedback from many different beverage producers.  Jake Randall Brown, Sidel's Technical Training Centre Project Manager, comments - "We know that our customers have high expectations, so the first step was to conduct extensive research with leading companies.  During this process we looked to gather as much information as possible, including brainstorming sessions from the different departments of Sidel."


Advanced technology for tailored training

The result is a facility that embodies the latest in technology and a modular approach to training. A wide range of options provides the capacity to tailor a programme to the specific requirements of a beverage producer.


A recreation of the customers' plant can be simulated with the latest in virtual technology to give the trainees a familiar environment, similar to their own workplace. The tailored sessions use authentic parts for assembling and disassembling, along with functional key items of equipment such as valves; filling, blowing and labelling stations; production line PCC (panels for control and command) simulators to develop troubleshooting skills; and the latest 3D interactive modelling system, bringing the ability to disassemble in detail every piece of equipment in the entire Sidel portfolio.


"Paid off in one day"

Sidel training programs are designed to develop the skills and knowledge of technical staff to become more efficient, decrease production downtimes, increase trouble shooting skills and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.


Sidel customers are already experiencing the benefits of training sessions in the new centre, with one of them commenting: "We have seen significant productivity improvements in our lines. In just one day of production, with the application of the skills learned, we have paid off the training investment for our guys. The return was reflected immediately".


Right training to maximise the value

Sidel delivers over 350 training programmes using multiple languages and techniques, covering numerous areas from technical training and line management to product management, operator safety and environmental protection.  The training combines knowledge transfer techniques with practical, hands-on experience. To find out more about Sidel's training services please visit


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