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As Lord Kelvin famously put it, “If you cannot measure it, then you cannot improve it.” When it comes to boosting production performance on packaging lines, we obviously appreciate the importance of getting accurate measurement. For almost 20 years now, our company’s EIT™ data acquisition system has been giving all packaging line staff real-time access to relevant and actionable information on performance, quality, losses, traceability, energy consumption and more, allowing them to optimize efficiency and increase productivity.


This modular and responsive system continues to evolve and adapt to  today’s industry professionals’ demands, and 2015 has seen a big step forward with the release of EIT™ v6.0, incorporating a new web design interface and two more innovative, user-oriented modules: EIT AQ-Clock, offering real-time measurement of accumulation, and EIT Audio, with its voice messages sent to plant floor staff. With the upcoming of the ‘Factory 4.0’ era, what do these new additions bring to the table? 

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