Not just a cobot, an advanced industrial cobotic palletising solution

Leveraging the advantages offered by cobotic solutions in terms of compactness and flexibility, Gebo Cermex is introducing CoboAccess™_Pal. This robust cobotic palletiser is particularly suited for low-speed applications and underlines the company’s commitment to help producers embrace Industry 4.0 opportunities. 

Watch our video and discover how CoboAccess_Pal will help you

  • Improve working conditions by replacing manual palletising
  • Maintain high-level safety standards
  • Find an affordable capex-optimised solution for your End of Line
  • Deal with lots of space constraints on the production floor
  • Look for easy-to-use advanced technologies
  • Bring greater flexibility to one or several low speed lines

An extremely safe industrial solution 

Designed to complement low speed production lines, CoboAccess_Pal embeds Gebo Cermex’s high safety and industrial standards. This ultra-compact, fenceless palletising cell is designed to perfectly match the needs of very demanding production environments, where reliability is absolutely key. 

Giorgio Rocca, Palletising/Depalletising Product Manager at Gebo Cermex, comments: “CoboAccess_Pal is a reliable and robust solution thanks to an industrial automation platform based on the combination of PC and PLC. These two interfaces ensure precise, better-controlled cobot trajectories, leading to greater pallet quality and stability, instrumental for smooth pallet transportation through the supply chain. To minimise risks for operators, CoboAccess_Pal’s gripping tool is composed of foam to soften its surfaces when in contact with workers and to prevent injuries during maintenance interventions". Giorgio Rocca continues: “CoboAccess_Pal has also been objectively certified; all of that in addition to the equipment’s full compliance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.” 

Connected and user-friendly technology for maximum uptime 

In addition to its high safety standards, CoboAccess_Pal maximises uptime through connectivity and a high level of intelligence. The cobotic palletising cell includes the new Gebo Cermex user-friendly HMI, based on an intuitive tablet approach navigation. Procedure (SOP) and One Point Lesson (OPL) functionalities are all accessible via the HMI to facilitate assistance for operators, trouble shooting and root cause analysis. Thanks to its ultra-compact, fenceless cell and the flexible layout that can be customised according to specific site constraints, CoboAccess_Pal features an optimised footprint. Ease-of-use, ease-of-installation, and ease-of-configuration were top of mind in designing the equipment, so that it can be quickly implemented by the operator onto another line due to its unique Plug & Play features.

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