The wine industry recognises the Cermex FlexiPack Pick & Place case packer

In December 2020, Sidel’s packing solution for glass bottles in American cases, Cermex FlexiPack, received a bronze trophy at the Vinitech-Sifel Innovation Trophies for its unique capabilities to support the flexibility of wine and spirits packaging lines while providing total product care and saving energy. Vinitech-Sifel is a key international event for innovation and exchange within the wine, arboriculture and vegetable production sectors.

One year ago, Sidel introduced Cermex FlexiPack as an answer to the expanding needs for agility and product integrity by wine and spirits producers. “Each recognition from the industry is a confirmation for us that Sidel’s solutions make a difference. Cermex FlexiPack is an example of that,” says Olivier Goffin, Vice President Global Accounts Beer, Wine and Spirits at Sidel.

The growing number of SKUs and new formats is leading to shorter production runs and fast changeovers. Particularly suited to handle between 10,000 and 18,000 bottles per hour, Cermex FlexiPack has been designed with a high degree of flexibility and operability in mind. End grippers can be easily and quickly changed and the lighter-weight re-designed parts are advantageous for easy handling and improved energy efficiency. The solution is completed with an auto-adjustable gripping head and other automatic adjustments for ergonomic, reliable, repeatable and toolless changeovers, completed in less than 10 minutes.

Cermex FlexiPack is a unique solution, providing utmost product integrity at many levels. Glass bottles and their labels are protected throughout the entire conveying, collation and packing processes. The packing solution includes a first-rate batch collation ensured by a succession of four conveying zones and a fine-tuned automation programming, allowing improved flow and speed management, thus limiting pressure, friction and shocks between bottles. An accompanying stop bar also smoothly transfers the bottles to the picking station. All movements are brushless, guaranteeing smooth product transfer at all times.

Finally, Sidel’s case packer ensures new format and batch creation with the HMI (Human Machine Interface), increasing the producer’s autonomy.

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