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Empower your decision-making with Evo-ON® apps. You can only improve what you can measure, so this intelligent cloud suite continuously analyses your line data to draw conclusions and offer recommendations. It helps you reach your targets and aim higher with actionable alerts activated through notifications, customisable dashboards and reports. 

Evo-ON® is the result of our vast Original Equipment Manufacturer experience and over 25 years’ expertise in machine data analysis. We offer you greater line knowledge with extended data analytics that leverage the cloud computing power of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

With this flexible and customisable digital solution, you can enjoy an overall view of your performance by connecting up the equipment you need, from individual machines to lines, multi-lines and even plants. You can also choose individual applications or a complete Evo-ON® package to monitor every aspect of your packaging line. Whatever your equipment, Evo-ON® offers you peak performance.

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Evo-ON® Care app: Boost equipment reliability

Have you ever wished you could anticipate and prevent equipment failures? Evo-ON® Care analyses contextual component data and monitors trends and deviations to warn you before issues occur. It makes advanced maintenance possible and helps you maximise production uptime and reduce operating costs by:

  • Informing you in advance of when to replace components on time to avoid defective production and breakdowns
  • Facilitating component replacement at the best time to maximise performance and extend service life
  • Allowing maintenance activities to be scheduled to reduce downtime to a minimum and even avoid it altogether

Evo-ON® Performance app: Achieve higher line efficiency

The performance of any production facility tends to decrease over time. Evo-ON® Performance makes it easy to track, understand and address machine inefficiencies and sustain high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) throughout their lifecycle by:

  • Aggregating and sharing key asset performance information in real time to identify hidden and quick win opportunities
  • Prioritising actions based on the issues that impact your line performance the most
  • Comparing performance between machines, lines and plants to leverage the most efficient practices  

Evo-ON® Eco app: Secure optimum utility consumption over time

Utility consumption depends on many production factors, but you can rely on Evo-ON® Eco to efficiently identify and act on any unexpected consumption source. This intelligent app continuously analyses line energy consumption to give you valuable inputs for reducing carbon footprint and losses by:

  • Notifying you immediately of any equipment consumption deviations
  • Spotting loss causes so corrective action can be taken promptly


Evo-ON® apps are continuously developed to offer you peak technology. So stay tuned for our forthcoming releases that are designed to improve end product quality and format changeover efficiency too.

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