Competence Audit

Do you have a complete overview of your team's skills?

With our competence-audit process, you can make targeted investments and provide training exactly where it is most needed.

  • Define employee roles and evaluate abilities
  • Receive a customised report and targeted training
  • Re-evaluate performance to ensure training success

Phase 1) Define & evaluate
We work with you to define job profiles for your employees. We then use a combination of questionnaires and hands-on equipment assessments to evaluate line operation and equipment-management abilities.

Phase 2) Report & training
You will receive a comprehensive report, outlining the performance of each employee and providing tailor-made training that targets specific areas. This training can be held on site or at one of our eight training centres worldwide.

Phase 3) Follow-up evaluation
Several weeks after the customised training programme, we perform a follow-up assessment to ensure that each employee and the team as a whole have achieved their predefined objectives and are well-equipped to perform in their job roles.

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