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Innovating for sustainability

Our goal for 2030, in line with Paris Agreement, is to reduce energy consumption and emissions by 30% across our sites and facilities (Scope 1&2), and by 25% for everything that we purchase and sell (Scope 3).

We will do this primarily through new energy-saving technologies which, as a business that innovates for change, we are in a perfect position to deploy.  

And while we’re upgrading our own machinery and processes, we’ll be working alongside our customers - to help you replace and upgrade all of yours. We have the will, the technology and the capability to help you – and it’s more cost effective than you might think.  

You don’t have to choose between economics and the environment: saving energy will also, ultimately, save your bottom line.  

We are committed to making circular economy a reality: with our mantra of ‘reduce, recycle and re-use’, we are dramatically lightening our collective footprint on the planet – and we put our 40 years expertise in PET packaging design and innovation at your service.



Empowering Sustainable Futures

Discover how we rise to the challenges of safeguarding our planet

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