Responsible sourcing

Just as Sidel operates safely and sustainably and conducts business with integrity and respect for the interests of others, the Group also seeks to share these best practices by encouraging suppliers to embrace the same values.
Every Sidel supplier is therefore asked to sign our Business Conduct for Suppliers Code (BCfS). This wide-reaching document requires suppliers to comply with a series of obligations that we consider essential for our supply chain and the quality and reputation of our company and products. These requirements range from Compliance with Laws and Industry Standards to Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Environmental Care and Good and Fair Employment Practices, like Healthy and Safe Working Conditions, and No Discrimination or Child Labour.
We also include specific social and environmental clauses in purchase contracts signed with suppliers in order to reinforce the importance of behaving sustainably.
How we engage our suppliers
We are currently drafting a dedicated Responsible Purchasing Policy that will clarify in detail what we expect from our Suppliers in terms of environmental issues, labour practices and human rights. 
We are also a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), an organisation with 60,000 members that provides one of the world’s leading online platforms for managing and improving conditions in global supply chains. We encourage all our suppliers to join this body, too, so commitments and best practices can be shared and monitored.
Every year in November, we also have a special focus on Supplier Days in which we seek to cultivate relationships, create engagement, promote values and listen to any problems that may exist.
As a Group, our aim is to continue working towards the sustainable transformation of our industry. Our suppliers are an essential part of this vision and we are confident that through these relationships we can reach ever more ambitious targets together.
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