Corporate Governance is the moral compass that directs our behaviors in running the business day-to-day. We maintain a strong Corporate governance Framework, first to maintain trust with our stakeholders, second to protect Sidel Group and its employees, and third, to support our ambitious business strategy.
“There is never a reason to compromise on our principles, or to conduct business in ways that are not lawful, ethical, or acting with integrity.” Sidel President & CEO.
Our Corporate Governance Framework are the rules that enable us to enjoy the benefits of sustainable business practices.

Our Corporate Governance Framework is split into two sections:

Mandate, Values & Assurance Structure: Ensures we run our business according to the Charter of Responsibility, Code of Business Conduct, Company Values, Group Policies and Procedures, Risk Management and assurance activities.

Organisational & Decision-Making Structure: Includes various governance bodies, such as the Global Leadership Team, Corporate Governance Council, Corporate Governance Office and the Compliance Leader Network.

Should you have any questions or concerns about corporate governance at Sidel, please contact:

Whistleblowing - how do I report an issue?

If you have a reason to believe that the Code of Business Conduct or any supporting Policies or Procedures have been or are being violated, if you have any other critical concerns about adverse human right impact alleged to have been caused by Sidel Group, you can and should immediately report the matter. You can also report any other actual or suspected unethical behaviour, whether you are part or not of Sidel Group.

Reports shall primarily be made verbally or in writing through the higher line management, directly to the Legal, Corporate & Compliance Officer or through the whistle-blowing tool. Reports may also be made anonymously.

All concerns, however raised, or to whomever made, are treated seriously. In accordance with applicable laws and depending on the severity, they are investigated appropriately with confidentiality and are acted upon. A person reporting a breach in good faith will not suffer retaliation actions. Criminal offences are reported to the relevant authority.

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