Starcans MS

Medium-speed mechanical filler for high performance and quality beverage filling applications.


  • Ideal for low/medium-speed can filling applications
  • High product flexibility
  • Proven reliable mechanical solution


Starcans MS embodies Gebo’s many years of experience in beverage can filling. It was developed with product versatility in mind. Based on proven technology, this machine fills a wide variety of products: beer, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, sports drinks and teas.

Starcans MS is a low- to medium-speed solution that offers high performance and top-quality filling, along with user-friendly operation and reduced maintenance requirements, as well as easy access for interventions. Its construction is mechanical, making the Starcans MS both simple and reliable.

It is a very flexible machine: it is designed to be interfaced with various brands and models of seamers. It can handle a wide range of products (including sensitive products) in all can formats, and can be equipped with product recovery and recirculation for hot filling. In this hot fill configuration, the recirculation system ensures constant product temperature, even during downtime. 


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