How versatile is AQFlex?

Is it flexible enough to convey and accumulate all types of product formats and shapes?
Even to the point of being able to handle the most complex designs?

Does it show true care for the integrity of the products?

And what about changeovers: are they actually fast and simple?

Season 2 Gebo AQFlex, flexibility at its best
In this second season's episodes, you will be able to see for yourself if Gebo AQFlex is really the right solution for your products and production type.
Utmost flexibility
Product care
Fast changeovers

More resources on Line control & accumulation
Next: in the third season, discover Gebo AQFlex, our breakthrough conveying and accumulation solution. Stay tuned!
And if you missed it, don't hesitate to watch the first season on the ABCs of line control!
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