Who we are

People all over the world consume products packaged by Sidel Group solutions every day.

Each of those packaging solutions is developed according to our goal to deliver the highest quality standards to consumers. We are a leading provider of equipment, services and complete solutions for packaging liquids, foods, home and personal care products in PET, can, glass and other materials.

There are close to 40,000 Sidel Group machines in operation in over 190 countries today. Every one of them is the result of over 170 years of proven experience and innovation. We continually focus on providing partners with advanced systems, line engineering and innovation that are designed with one thing in mind: to ensure you reach your business goals.

Sidel, one of three industry groups of Tetra Laval, is a leading provider of equipment and services solutions for packaging beverage, food, home and personal care products. Sidel has over 170 years of experience with proven expertise in blowing, filling, labelling, material-handling, end-of-line and line-engineering solutions, including an innovative focus on the factory of tomorrow with advanced systems.

Novembal is part of the Sidel Group. Novembal, an independent subsidiary, is a specialist in plastic cap design and injection, and a prominent supplier of bottle liquid food closures. 

We are committed to our customers’ success. When you partner with Sidel and Novembal, you can be sure of solutions that optimise your product packaging, boost line performance and help you grow your business.


Benefit from our 30 years of experience in PET blow moulding

Our aim is always to deliver the performance you need to reach your goals. To do that, we must first understand each challenge you face as a producer. We believe the best partnerships are based on continuous communication and our first step is always to establish what makes your business unique:



What is your company’s environmental impact? Which megatrends and consumption habits shape your business?


Which consumer choices and trends do you want to address?

Supply chain

How is your product produced, distributed, sold, consumed and recycled?


Performance needs today

What are your individual performance criteria? What targets do you aspire to reach?

Performance needs over time

How do you expect your products, technology and production to change in the future? How will we accommodate your performance targets over time as they change?



Delivering this level of performance at such a time cannot be achieved without understanding your challenges. To assist you best, we must completely understand your products, your consumers, your supply chains and your production needs. We need to know where your business is today, where you want it to be in the future and what you need from your equipment to reach your goals. Here are some examples of how we can create value for you:



Achieving the greatest value on your end product requires understanding not only your packaging, but also comprehensive knowledge about package-content interplay and your supply chain conditions from concept to consumer.

  • Sidel RightWeight™ bottles weigh 34% less than the average commercial bottle while achieving 32% greater top-load performance
  • We employ 300 packaging scientists, engineers and designers
  • 8,000 new bottle designs and drawings created every year
  • 100,000 bottle concepts analysed every year


To add value to your production, we must understand your production facilities and targets, so we can ensure you receive a solution that will reach those targets today – and tomorrow.

  • Over 37,000 machines manufactured
  • 50 locations world wide
  • Over 1,000 packaging lines designed to date
  • 1,000,000 original spare parts manufactured annually
  • World’s fastest, most flexible end-of-line solution for shaped bottles for the Personal Care market – up to 750 product/minute


Delivering business value means understanding your financial ambitions and the environment in which you operate. We are dedicated to helping you operate in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising economic performance.

  • World’s fastest bottle changeover – 15 minutes
  • 45% less oven energy used with Sidel Matrix Blowers
  • 34% lighter bottle with Sidel RightWeightTM
  • Up to 30% less energy consumption with Sidel pasteuriser
  • Up to 50% less downtime with Line Efficiency Tool (EIT™)
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