Global logistics and Delivery

Whenever you need spare parts, we strive to have the right ones available for your line. Sidel offers three delivery service levels, each supported by a dedicated 24/7 supply chain.

  • Emergency: for the fastest delivery possible.
  • Restocking replenishment: for efficient delivery of parts that are not immediately needed, on the date of your choice, wherever you are.
  • Maintenance: for complete delivery of everything you need for maintenance tasks prior to your scheduled activities.

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Global support available locally

Our global network of experts allows us to respond locally to your needs and take more-complex issues to the right technician for a fast response and resolution. In addition, we have a 24/7 hotline for rapid-response technical support and emergency orders.

Our global parts supply centre is ideally located for easy access to airports, and our multiple regional supply centres allow us to provide overnight, weekend, and emergency deliveries around the clock.

We use the latest logistics technology for transparency and time measurement across our whole supply network.

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