Super Combi

Water and carbonated soft drinks remain two of the world’s most valuable beverage categories. To satisfy high demand, while also maintaining the flexibility needed to address varying market preferences, a smarter solution is needed: Sidel Super Combi.

Sidel Super Combi is the next generation solution integrating five process steps: preform feeder, blower, labeller, filler/capper and cap feeder into an all-in-one smart system. To deliver this self-optimising performance and increased long-term value, it combines intelligent automation with innovative technologies of connected machines and data-analytics management, leading to optimised production and maintenance services.

  • All process steps integrated, no conveying
  • Ultra-lightweight PET bottles
  • Faster labeller changeover via improved operational ergonomics
  • Up to 30% footprint reduction compared to standalone equipment
  • Hygienic design and full transparency ensures beverages always meet the highest food safety standards

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