Take your water and CSD PET production to greater performance levels

Water and carbonated soft drinks remain two of the world’s most valuable beverage categories. To satisfy high demand, while also maintaining the flexibility needed to address varying market preferences, a smarter solution is needed: Sidel Super Combi.


Sidel Super Combi integrates five process steps – preform feeding, blowing, labelling, filling and cap feeding – into a single system, utilising integrated equipment intelligence to provide continuous production optimisation and performance enhancement.


This makes it the ideal solution for maximising water and CSD production, and increasing line efficiency while reducing your TCO.



  • All process steps integrated; no conveying
  • Greater freedom of shape and lightweighting potential
  • Single-operator control possible
  • Reduced setup time
  • Faster changeover time
  • Up to 30% more compact
  • Equipment intelligence optimises, maintains and enhances performance over time

Explore the Super Combi’s process steps below, and learn how each step improves the value of your beverage production.

  • Preform feeding Preform feeding
    Preform feeding
  • Blowing Blowing
  • Labelling Labelling
  • Filling Filling
  • Cap feeding Cap feeding
    Cap feeding
  • Equipment intelligence Equipment intelligence
    Equipment intelligence
  • Services Services



The new, modular Sidel Easy Feed preform feeder is highly accessible, reducing downtime for both operator intervention and changeovers. Its compact ergonomics prioritise safety, user-friendliness and high-speed performance.



  • Up to 56% footprint reduction
  • Up to 81,000 p/h
  • Easy installation, setup and operation

Top-quality preform transfer

Preform quality is preserved from hopper to oven, ensuring packaging integrity further down the line.

  • Shortened preform path results in fewer damaged preforms
  • Gentle handling ensures preform integrity

Enhanced flexibility and ease of use

  • Quick, easy changeovers
  • Lightweight preform-handling
  • Ground-level installation for improved accessibility
  • High visibility and moving-component enclosure improve operator safety

Learn more about the Sidel Easy Feed preform feeder.


Produce high-quality bottles at a lower consumption rate with the Super Combi’s Sidel Matrix blower.





With a design that improves on existing Sidel MatrixTM technology, the Sidel Super Combi’s blower boasts an array of features designed to lower costs while boosting output.


Its high oven efficiency, minimal environmental footprint and fast changeovers provide for the lowest possible TCO and push the boundaries of ultra-lightweight bottle production and handling.



  • High bottle quality, regardless of configuration
  • Best market uptime with production output of up to 2,500 bottles/mould/hour
  • Quick changeovers in under 15 minutes, bottle-to-bottle*
  • Up to 45% less electricity consumed
  • Up to 35% reduction in compressed air usage with AirEco2 option (double air-recovery)

* 24-cavity machine with single operator


Intelliblower™ makes every batch a winner

As part of the Super Combi’s equipment intelligence suite, Sidel Intelliblower leads the field in blow-moulding performance with unique, patented blowing-process control and self-regulation, providing repeatable, consistently high bottle quality and performance.

  • Detects and eliminates bottle process deviations, reducing scrap
  • Controls pre-blow phase parameters in addition to heat regulation, improving packaging uniformity and quality
  • Highly responsive management for prompt correction

Achieve high-output bottle production with no downtime using the Super Combi’s innovative labelling technology.



Improve flexibility and minimise downtime

Maximum uptime with an innovative labelling solution

High-output beverage production at high and very-high speed benefits from continuous uptime, and the best way to ensure this is with a labeller that safeguards line productivity against stoppages.


Sidel Super Combi’s labelling equipment is the result of extensive improvements to existing Sidel labelling technology – an innovative solution available in multiple configurations with up to three labelling stations, all of which prioritise maximum uptime.



  • Accessible and ergonomic with radial footprint
  • Accommodates both roll-fed and pressure-sensitive labels (PSL)
  • High-efficiency labelling process
  • Fast, easy and reliable label-reel auto-splicing

Unmatched process flexibility

By implementing a machine configuration that matches your output and flexibility requirements, the labelling process can be optimised.

  • Single Aggregate – one station at high speed
  • Double Aggregate – two stations working simultaneously
  • Double Aggregate – two stations in master/slave setup (one working, one on standby)
  • Triple Aggregate – three stations working simultaneously; or two working, one on standby

Innovative master/slave configuration for zero downtime

The Sidel Super Combi’s labeller offers the option to organise multiple labelling stations into master/slave configurations, thereby maximising production uptime.

  • Top performance for high-output production
  • No stoppage-related downtime
  • Maximum output at 55,000 bph
  • Drum-cleaning performed during active production

Improve filling precision and hygiene with the Super Combi’s Sidel Matrix filler.


Still Water Sparkling Water and CSD


Contact-free filling with multiple hygienic configurations

The Super Combi’s integrated Sidel Matrix SF100 FM utilises flow-meter technology and configurable controls, allowing it to fill any still beverage type with or without conductivity, and delivering high filling precision and maximum hygienic compliance for optimal product and production safety.



  • Filling valve with vortex flow-meter control
  • Double filling speed available for higher filling level
  • Safe, easy automatic cleaning
  • Maximum hygiene with reduced filler enclosure
    • Filling area reduced to space around valve
    • Volume reduced by up to 80% compared to traditional solutions
    • Saves water, chemicals and time
    • Self-draining surfaces

Deliver quality caps at very high speed with minimal waste using the Super Combi’s Gebo Cermex Optifeed.


Quick, safe and flexible configuration

For production of sparkling water and carbonated soft drinks, the Sidel Matrix SF300 FM offers accurate, sustainable filling with flow-meter controls that can match any production criteria.


In addition to efficient filling, the system minimises foaming under all production conditions with swirl deflection, and the flexibility of the equipment simplifies changeovers and cleaning.

  • Magnetic or mass-flow meter volume control
  • Electro-pneumatic components integrated on filling valve
  • Foam-free filling
  • External beverage tank with feeding pump controlled by variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Optional fully automatic bottle changeover
  • Optional double-neck handling with quick-release gripper sectors
  • Blendfill configuration (integrated mixer and filler) available

Deliver quality caps at very high speed with minimal waste using the Super Combi’s Gebo Cermex Optifeed.


Energy efficiency with unmatched ergonomics

Maximise effectiveness with waterfall technology

The Sidel Super Combi’s integrated Gebo Cermex Optifeed® comprises four key modules – hopper, guiding system, distribution and elevating system – and delivers top-quality caps in a smaller, more efficient and hygienic setup.


The machine’s waterfall technology, modular platform and kinematic set-up allow for careful handling of each cap. Kinematics separate the orientation and elevating functions, reducing the total height of the “waterfall” cap-orientation system and allowing for improved ground-level operator access.



  • Requires no compressed air or electronic fan systems during cap-extraction, optimising delivery, sustainability and TCO
  • Ground-level access to motorised elements, sensitive zones and cap-quality control
  • Blockages prevented at top of cap-feeder
  • Easy to transport; delivery times reduced by up to 30% with modular design
  • Suitable for high-speed operations
  • Less floor space required, and easier maintenance
  • Superior reliability thanks to integrated vision control
  • Integrated, precise quality-control makes feeder suitable for fragile or thin wall closures

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of every production step with the Super Combi’s equipment intelligence.



A solution that does the thinking for you

Maximise performance with data-driven intelligence

As part of a new generation of Sidel equipment, the Sidel Super Combi is equipped with integrated machine intelligence, which allows for autonomous performance regulation and long-term enhancement.


In addition to optimised productivity, benefits include simplified operation, reduced maintenance time and minimal downtime thanks to guided problem-solving via the intuitive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) – all leading to a minimised TCO.



  • Self-adjustment to manufacturing conditions
  • Smart notification for better reactivity
  • Intuitive operator intervention
  • Predictive capabilities for enhanced performance
  • Improved uptime through proactive operator intervention
  • Optimised production planning

Optimise the Super Combi’s production capabilities for your unique needs with Sidel Services.



A holistic approach to services

Build, maintain and improve your performance

Your line is a critical production asset, and you need continuous performance optimisation at every stage of your production lifecycle. From initial design to ramp-up, and beyond, Sidel helps you build, maintain and improve performance across your production’s lifetime.


Sidel ServicesTM

Since we designed and built your line, we have a comprehensive understanding of your line equipment and its individual parts. Our dedicated Sidel Services team offers you a tailored portfolio that can increase the value of your beverage production for long-term success.