Returnable PET bottle

To help the beverage industry switch from one-way to reusable bottles, our packaging experts have designed a PET bottle that is compatible with recycled content. It also features a best-in-class weight and a high level of resistance that can withstand numerous washing cycles. This dedicated structural design, available in various bottle formats (1L, 1.5L, 2L), meets the diverse demands of both the water and the CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) markets.

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Robust bottle endurance

This returnable bottle design is a commitment to sustainability. It has been specifically developed for a deposit scheme where the bottle is reused multiple times as it can resist up to 25 washing loops. This bottle features:

  • An optimised preform design and base ratios, combined with a dedicated blowing process to support high returnable bottle performance and withstand high washing temperatures.
  • A reinforced neckto guarantee top bottle quality in neck-held washing and refill cycles.

Lightweight and fully recyclable

In response to the packaging industry's call to use less materials, this dedicated structural design lightens the bottle’s weight while boosting packaging circularity. This returnable bottle features:

  • Significant lightweighting opportunities: the 2L bottle can weigh as little as 88g while ensuring high performance. This best-in-class weight is achieved thanks to an optimised preform design.
  • Continuous PET circularity: in addition to being bottle-to-bottle recyclable, this bottle is also qualified to use up to 30% recycled refill resin grade content.

The bottle is also compatible with Sidel eHR blowmoulders

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