Wine & Spirits

Premiumization, increasing value of packaging, demand for even more complex SKU management – the wine and spirits markets are evolving rapidly.

To help wine and spirits producers meet these new challenges, we have gathered a comprehensive set of complementary fields of expertise, focused on packaging quality and line efficiency.

Thanks to our experience in line design, product flow optimisation and packaging technologies, we are able to provide superior performance and full product care through advanced packaging solutions, from customised lines to future-proof end-of-line equipment and packaging quality services.

Conveying & Feeding Systems

The architecture of our conveying systems combines simple mechanical principles with advanced electronics to enable a continuous product transportation with operator-friendly control and quick adjustments.


Sidel's packing solutions enable you to efficiently pack your containers into various secondary configurations in seamless shrink-wraps with or without trays, American cases, wrap around packs and trays. Because we pay special attention to the integrity of your packaged product, ...


Sidel´s portfolio of pal/depalletising equipment has the potential to meet any speed or infeed preference. We supply system solutions designed to handle all types of liquid containers, secondary packaging configurations and pallet sizes and types. To ensure careful pallet conveying ...

Intralogistic Systems

Our motorized conveyors offer high speeds for end-of-line unloading, our counterbalanced models can carry loads of almost any dimension, mass or stability, while the highly agile fork-over-legs AGV is ideal for narrow corridors. To optimize these intralogistics operations, our AGV ...
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