RoboAccess_Pal S

Angel Meza

Project manager at the Beiersdorf plant in Argentona (Spain):

"We were looking for an affordable palletizer that would fit into the narrow area we used for manual palletizing. Cobotic units without guarding do not meet our internal safety standards and we also wanted a futureproof solution that could handle payload and speed increases in the event of line upgrades. That's why we chose Sidel's combination of robotics and cobotics."

A perfect ratio

"Sidel’s RoboAccess_Pal S robotic palletizer was perfect for us as it has a great performance/footprint ratio as well as being equipped with guards that can be folded if it needs to be moved to another line. Five months after its installation, our team is very happy with the solution as it is simple and user-friendly. That’s why we are studying the acquisition of further units!"
added Angel.


Brand owners from the Food, Home, and Personal care market segments are often looking for compact affordable palletizing systems for their low/medium speed packaging lines. 

Cobotic solutions have a strong presence within these segments. But some applications are reaching the limits of this technology in terms of speed and payload. Traditional robotic palletizers, despite they can offer higher technical performances, have larger footprint and longer Return on Investment. 

With RoboAccess_Pal S, Sidel has made the union of the best from the cobotic and robotic worlds. 

Combining Robotics and Cobotics: finding high palletizing performances in a compact footprint 

Benefitting from 50+ years of expertise in palletizing with 5,000 installations worldwide including 1,100 in robotics and 140 in cobotics, this new compact solution provides a high level of agility, operability, and performances. 


  • Less than 12m² footprint for 2 stations and less than 8m² for 1 pallet station
  • Speed up to 12 cycles/min
  • Payload up to 25kg


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