• Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Case payload of 19kg 


Collaborative robotics advance production line efficiency and reliability by improving working conditions while maintaining high safety standards. Operators can handle tasks with higher added value, and mistake rates are minimized. Sidel’s CoboAccess™_Pal is an industrial, advanced and modular cobotic palletizer, ideal as a robust, easy to use and affordable palletizing solution for a low-speed line. CoboAccess™_Pal perfectly matches the needs of very demanding environments. 


  • Embeds Sidel’s high safety and industrial standards
  • Ultra-compact fenceless cell
  • Industrial solution with a high level of safety
  • Advanced and user-friendly experience
  • Mobile and compact solution with Plug & Play features and multi-configuration cell layout
  • Possibility to integrate different brands of cobot: Yaskawa HC30, Universal UR10e, Fanuc CRX10 or Fanuc CRX25
  • Suited to the needs of demanding environments


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