StarLITE Still

Sidel’s StarLITE Still bottle base allows package weight and blowing pressure to be reduced while increasing base deformation resistance. So, this innovation produces a cost-efficient PET bottle with lower environmental impact while increasing bottle performance throughout the supply chain. The base is particularly suited to water, but is also ideal for juices and other still beverages.

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Lower environmental impact

StarLITE Still’s innovative design offers substantial benefits for both the environment and profitability. When incorporated in any production line, the base ensures:

  • Reduced bottle weight: thanks to increased lightweighting opportunities that can save up to 1g of PET for a 0.5L bottle and 2g on a 1.5L format.
  • Lower energy consumption: the required blowing pressure is less than 20 bars, so air pressure is reduced by up to 25%.

A reinforced design for higher performance

Our packaging experts have developed two patented PET innovations to support StarLITE Still’s high-performance. These are the Edge Beam™, a special groove structure that improves base rigidity, and the Smart Disc™, a structure that reinforces the base to prevent deformation. These advances offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased bottle stability and resistance: up to 30% higher top-load dent resistance on pallets and 55% higher side-load resistance, securing performance on conveyors and vending machines.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: the StarLITE Still base can endure extreme temperatures, ensuring the bottle remains intact even in harsh conditions. Tests have demonstrated deformation-free resilience for up to 25 days in 50°C conditions.
  • Enhanced pallet integrity: up to 50% higher overall pallet integrity during transportation, ensuring bottle quality at destination.

Machine applicability:

This base design can be used on all Sidel blowing platforms, including the new Sidel EvoBLOW range with high speeds of up to 2,700 bottles per hour per mould.

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