StarLITE R Nitro

The attractive StarLITE-R Nitro bottle base offers manufacturers of liquid nitrogen-dosed water, juice or edible oils increased creative scope, high speed production and proven performance, even with up to 100% rPET. Its original, non-petaloid design is ideal for formats from 0.2L to 2.5L, and its high sustainability credentials boost decarbonisation.

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Attractive non-petaloid bottle base design

With its unique and original wave-shaped bottle base, StarLITE-R Nitro offers distinctive supermarket shelf appeal for products with mainstream and affordable market positioning. Its optimised mould base geometry and efficient venting system ensure easy and perfect bottle base shaping to:

  • Stand out from other carbonated soft drinks thanks to its high-appeal, non-petaloid base that guarantees high performance
  • Ensure style consistency by matching a wide range of bottle designs

Proven industrial performance

The new patented StarLITE-R Nitro base offers advanced performance at high speeds even with up to 100% rPET. It has also been tested in industrial conditions to guarantee top bottle resilience and quality and is qualified to offer:

  • High production speeds of up to 2,700 b/h/m for single-serve formats or 2,500 b/h/m for multi-serve bottles.
  • Up to 100% rPET content
  • Resistance to dropping with no base breakages even with rPET
  • High internal pressure resistance of 0.5 to 0.8 bar on lightweight bottles too 

The base is also compatible with the Sidel SBO blower ranges: series 2, Universal and EvoBLOW and can be retrofitted easily onto existing production lines and moulds. 

Sustainable packaging for greater decarbonisation

Sidel’s StarLITE-R Nitro allows manufacturers to switch to 100% rPET, even when using low blowing pressures and minimum bottle weights. This achieves:

  • 32% less CO2 emissions with a switch from virgin PET to 100% rPET on a 0.5L bottle
  • Blowing pressure reduced to 18bar (for single-serve formats) thanks to an optimised venting design with -25% CO2 emissions 
  • Extensive bottle weight applicability, including extreme lightweighting
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