Cermex FlexiPack

Wine and Spirits producers have to manage an increasing number of new formats as well as new SKU requirements. In addition, fragmented product offering (often leading to shorter production runs), brand equity and product quality are three key components for attractiveness, differentiation and consumer loyalty.

Cermex FlexiPack is an auto-adjustable case packer that guarantees the integrity of glass bottle design and decoration. The solution also includes fast, reliable and repeatable changeovers, allowing your production to be even more agile.

Top 3 benefits:

  • High flexibility with fast, reliable and repeatable changeovers in less than 10 minutes
  • Full respect of glass bottle integrity & decoration thanks to advanced speed regulation through automation programming and four conveying zones
  • High operability with autonomous step-by-step creation of new format, on user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI)


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