Efficiency Improvement Tool

Understanding your line operations is critical to increasing performance. This is where Sidel’s Efficiency Improvement Tool (EIT®) becomes substantially valuable. With its built-in intelligence this on-premise software empowers your teams to turn data into actions.

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Greater productivity, more savings

Unplanned stoppages and operator decisions can quickly impact line performance. EIT® increases awareness and responsiveness to better control costs and losses through its broad set of reports and dynamic dashboards that closely monitor production status while highlighting issues. With its automated Root Cause Analysis, EIT® brings productivity to your fingertips. Beyond measuring performance, it helps optimise asset utilisation and increase your total output.

Take action on what matters and start seeing immediate wins with our off-the-shelf EIT® solution that supports continuous improvement, maintenance and sustainability initiatives.

Smarter data, better decisions

Decisions require reliable information. EIT® provides the most significant performance indicators, reports and analyses, based on live and historical data, to help you better understand line flow, uncover efficiency loss sources, and achieve in-depth evaluation of your performance. By monitoring quality, losses, consumption, accumulation and traceability, and interfacing with inspection devices and business systems, it helps you set the right priorities to make the most of your line.

Any machine, any market

EIT® is suitable for any equipment type or technology, Sidel and non-Sidel. It can adapt to your market, including beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and home and personal care. From operations to maintenance, and engineering to management, our customizable system allows you to maximise your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

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