Container Shock & Integrity Assessment

Minimise container damage and breakages through a meticulous diagnosis of the precise locations and causes of packaging deterioration across your packaging line.

Method and options

  • Analysis of line set up and conditions, shock, pressure and rotation to assess the impact that conveyors and machines have on containers (dents, scratches).
  • Root-cause analysis of packaging damage during line operations 


  • Prioritised action plan detailing shock and pressure severity levels and locations together with associated recommendations
  • Guarantee on shock level after the assessment in case of a new machine installation 

Your benefits

  • Quick wins if the assessment is carried out to fine-tune specific equipment settings
  • Increased product safety and lower risk of recalls caused by glass fragments or content leaks
  • Enhanced packaging appearance free of scratches, marks or dents
  • Introduction of lighter packaging
  • Less waste and breakages
  • Optimised uptime without broken containers affecting operations
  • Longer lifespan for returnable glass bottles due to fewer collisions

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