Labelling PET containers, especially for soft drinks and water, primarily uses wraparound roll-fed technology, applying either paper or plastic labels with hot glue. Sidel Roll-fed labelling solutions deliver the flexibility needed to match all your needs.

The success of roll-fed technology lies partly in the plastic label, which has physical and practical qualities that make it very attractive to consumers and beneficial for beverages producers. In addition to a high gloss finish, roll-fed labels are waterproof and consequently less likely to be affected by adverse storage conditions. Furthermore, they are able to meet a fast-growing market trend that calls for efficient, high-speed machines able to handle lightweight containers with extremely thin labels.


Find the labeller model to fit your bottles production

Max. Speed (bph)


Bottle diameter (mm)

Machine model


Carousel diameter (mm)




Pitch (mm)


Min Max 
34,000 53  110  RQ F15E 18T  720  18 126 
Label specifications
Machine Model Label length (mm)  Label height (mm)  Label material Label thickness 
  RQ F15E 18T  Min  Max  Min  Max


OPP white

OPP transp. Paper

 25 - 50 µm
 177  355  30  170


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