EvoDECO Adhesive

The EvoDECO Adhesive labeller has been designed to apply labels at industry-leading speeds of up to 66,000 bph while increasing efficiency. It can be equipped with six different carousel sizes and up to five labelling stations, for 36 possible configurations.

Optimised to suit the needs of beer, water, food, home and personal care producers, the solution is able to apply plastic or paper Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL), even ultra-thin ones, with no compromises on quality performance even at high/very high speeds. For greater versatility and zero downtime, it can be configured with either two simultaneously engaged reels or according to a master-slave non-stop labelling system, applying one label.


Find the labeller model to fit your bottles production

 Max Speed


 Number of different labels/modules


 Bottle diameter

 Carousel diameter






Min Max 
28,000 50  100 720  20  113 
42,000 50  100  1080  30 113 
50,000  50  100 1440  40  113 
66,000 3 50 100 1800 50 113
66,000* 3 (with vision system) 50 110 2160 54 125

*Master-slave configuration

Label specifications
Label length (mm)  Label height (mm)

Label materials


Label thickness


 Min Max Min  Max
 20 150 20 220

PET, Paper

Web liner: 20 - 50 µm

Label: 50 - 90 µm 


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