Home & Personal Care

For over four decades, Sidel has been meeting the needs of the Home & Personal Care industry. We are a sustainable partner in packaging and line design with tailored solutions, innovations and services.

By continuously understanding our customers’ challenges, we work to deliver smart advanced systems and innovative packaging line solutions that can boost our customers’ agility in managing their lines, products and businesses throughout the entire lifecycle. Our solutions enable customers to be creative with their products and achieve high levels of flexibility, operations and efficiency to meet current and future trends and challenges.

Within Home & Personal care, Sidel specialises in packing, palletising and line integration solutions across all types of all types of primary packaging (bottles, shaped containers, jars, cans, flexible packaging or cartons) and secondary packaging (RSC, wrap around or film, shelf ready packaging). If you want to package specific products, such as such as hair/oral/ skin care, dishwashing, surface/laundry care in PET containers, Sidel can help you unlock your brand potential by differentiating with innovative packaging solutions that perform optimally across the supply chain, all the way to the consumer.

With Sidel’s Home & Personal Care solutions, you can maximise your brand differentiation, product integrity and traceability while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Time to Market and energy consumption.


A blow moulding solution adapted to your beverage, format, output and processes. Benefit from our decades of experience with PET and blowing to get tailored solution that cater precisely to your needs creating the value you need to meet today's ...


The Combi adds value to any complete PET packaging line by combining blow moulding, filling and capping into an integrated system. Combis optimise line layout with a smaller footprint, improving production hygiene and efficiency while lowering operating costs.


All Sidel labelling solutions allow you to create attractive, eye-catching labels for increased brand recognition. Easy to use and flexible, they enable you to use different label materials and types on the same machine. They also incorporate a range of ...

Conveying & Feeding Systems

The architecture of our conveying systems combines simple mechanical principles with advanced electronics to enable a continuous product transportation with operator-friendly control and quick adjustments.


Sidel's packing solutions enable you to efficiently pack your containers into various secondary configurations in seamless shrink-wraps with or without trays, American cases, wrap around packs and trays. Because we pay special attention to the integrity of your packaged product, ...


Sidel´s portfolio of pal/depalletising equipment has the potential to meet any speed or infeed preference. We supply system solutions designed to handle all types of liquid containers, secondary packaging configurations and pallet sizes and types. To ensure careful pallet conveying ...

Intralogistic Systems

Our motorized conveyors offer high speeds for end-of-line unloading, our counterbalanced models can carry loads of almost any dimension, mass or stability, while the highly agile fork-over-legs AGV is ideal for narrow corridors. To optimize these intralogistics operations, our AGV ...
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