Sidel Matrix Filler SF300 FM

With its magnetic flow meter, the Sidel Matrix Filler SF300 FM is able to fill both still and carbonated beverages with the utmost precision.

The Sidel Matrix Filler SF300 FM delivers high filling accuracy and quick changeovers without product loss and its beverage external tank is easy to clean, saving time.

  • Electronic filler with magnetic or mass flow meter volume control
  • High flexibility for optimal deflection, even when working wit different bottle shapes or beverage types
  • Flexibility allows for quick, easy beverage/bottle format changeover
  • Filler and mixer fully integrated through the compact, hygiene and safer Blendfill solution
Flexible filling output rate that matches your production needs
Bottles sizes   Max production output
(bottles per hour)
(number of valves)
 500 ml (CSD, 18°)  80,000 bph  32 - 216


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