EvoFILL Glass

Sidel's latest glass filler, EvoFILL Glass, is the most technologically advanced level probe filler for glass bottles, which combines the best hygienic conditions with a greater flexibility, sustainability and performance level. This results in outstanding product quality and the lowest TCO.

With 48 to 192 filling valves on EvoFILL Glass carousel, beer, CSD and JNSDIT manufacturers are able to handle a wide range of speeds and bottle sizes, from 150ml up to 1L. Beverage and filling temperature flexibility is no longer an issue. Without compromising the performance of the line, running at over 80,000 bottles per hour, beer can be filled up to 18°C and CSD over 20°C. For utmost hygiene, EvoFILL Glass features an external beverage tank and an integrated small chamber. This concept ensures a better and more effective cleaning of all parts that come into contact with the beverage. Plus, the chamber is completely full and accommodates the product only, for easier cleaning and reduced costs of maintenance.

Top three benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Hygiene
  • Performance 
All needs, all sizes

Pitch 94 mm

Pitch 113 mm

2160 72 60
2520 84 70
2880 96 80
3240 108 90
3600 120 100
4320 144 120
5040 168 140
5760 192 160


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