Sidel's EvoFILL PET is the most technologically advanced filler for PET, combining the best hygienic conditions with a greater flexibility, sustainability and performance level. This results in outstanding product quality and lowest TCO.

With 24 to 144 filling valves on EvoFILL PET carousel, water and still drinks manufacturers can handle a wide range of speeds and bottle sizes, from 0,1L up to 10L. Beverage and filling flexibility is no longer an issue.

Running at up to 90,000 bottles per hour, with an increased efficiency up to 99%, EvoFILL PET allows precise filling control and accuracy. Moreover, filling machine reduces footprint up to 15%[1], thanks to a more compact front table and process unit.

As all our equipment, Evofill PET features Sidel Digital Platform, Evo-ON. This system optimise maintenance operations, reducing unplanned downtime, monitoring energies and resources and boosting efficiency.

Top three benefits:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Performance
  • Quality


[1] vs previous model, assuming Dp2160


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