Combi SF700

The Sidel Hot Fill Combi integrates heat-resistant blowing, hot filling and capping within a single enclosure to achieve top bottle quality and beverage safety while optimising production efficiency.

The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 incorporates the very best of our modular Sidel Matrix eHR blowing and SF700 filling technologies with the advantages and benefits of a Combi configuration. It produces high-quality hot-filled sensitive beverages like juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics and teas (JNSDIT) with the utmost PET-packaging safety possible.

PET bottles are produced via a heat-resistant, stretch blow-moulding process, commonly referred to as "HR" (heat resistance), which can withstand high hot-filling temperatures. The process centres around higher preform reheating capability and the blowing of bottles in hot moulds (around 120°C). Bottle mould heating, traditionally carried out with oil, is instead managed via electrical resistance to ensure consistently high bottle quality. The Sidel Hot Fill Combi SF700 offers numerous operational benefits in terms of production flexibility, performance, safety, cost-efficiency and sustainability.

  • Up to 4% improved production efficiency
  • Up to 12% reduction in total cost of operation
  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • 30% less maintenance downtime
Range overview
Production output* Blowing stations Filling valvesCapping heades 
20,000 10 40  10 
32,000  16  60  15 
52,000  26  90  30 


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